Sacramento has failed the Northstate, leaving us vulnerable to wildfires, strangling any hope of economic opportunity with burdensome regulations and taxes, and not only overlooking homelessness for years, but making the problem worse with bad policies!

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My name is Dr. Piyush Dhanuka, but you can call me Paul. I am a physician and currently serve as Chief of Medical Staff at Mercy Medical Center. I immigrated from India 23 years ago, became a citizen, and moved to Redding 14 years ago with my wife, also a physician, and our children.

It’s possible that you and I have met as we have helped care for over 100,000 people in our area.

People need help, but more than that they need opportunity. As a predominantly rural district under a two-party system, our interests are often overlooked in favor of the party line that divides and distracts us from our real needs.

We must return control of our lives back to those who know best: the people of the Northstate.

That’s why I am running as an Independent for Assembly: because it is time for our community to be united by a non-partisan candidate who is passionate about the Constitution’s protection of the natural rights of each individual. I’ll work to solve homelessness, reduce healthcare costs, fight for the resources we need to protect against wildfires, and bring jobs and training to our community.

I humbly ask for your vote and support.