REDDING, CA – JANUARY 23 – Former Redding City Manager Michael Warren has endorsed Dr. Paul Dhanuka for Assembly, District 1.

Warren, who is now the President and CEO of Turtle Bay Exploration Park, has worked in various capacities throughout the years with Dhanuka, who is the Chief of Medical Staff at Mercy Medical Hospital.

Dhanuka is running as a No Party Preference candidate to demonstrate his commitment to uniting the Northstate and making independent decisions that put people over partisan bickering. Dhanuka has vowed to make reducing homelessness a top priority.

"I support Dr. Dhanuka because he is a fair man who works hard for the right causes," Warren said. "I am confident he will get things done and do it in a manner that will make all of us proud. His people skills and intelligence will result in many accomplishments for our area and for the State of California."

Dr. Dhanuka responded: "I am humbled to be supported by someone like Michael who has dedicated his life to serving our community. With such people in our corner I know we can tackle issues like homelessness and wildfires."

Thanksgiving of 1996, Dr. Paul Dhanuka left his country of birth, India, with just $100 in his pocket and immigrated to America with a dream to raise his children with opportunities and freedom that did not exist back in India.

His dream came true in beautiful Northern California, where he settled in a kind and loving community with his wife, three children and two silly dogs.

He has been elected chief by the medical doctors at two regional hospitals and has served on the governing board of a hospital and the North Valley Medical Association. Along with
his wife, an oncologist, he has started several health centers and helped care for more than 100,000 people in the Northstate area in the past 14 years. This experience has given him
unique insight into the strength and resilience of both the community and the individual in the face of sickness, high healthcare costs, addiction, homelessness, outside interests, and
natural disasters. He has experience reducing high healthcare costs and increasing access to quality healthcare.

As a small business owner, he employs almost 80 people, and understand the need for public safety and limited regulations. He understands the value of education and technical skills in today’s economy and is dedicated to bringing affordable trade schools and higher education opportunities to rural California. He serves on the board of a local museum and his church council-- guided by his deep faith in Christ.