Protecting Against Wildfires

During the Carr Fire, Dr. Dhanuka and his family were among the many who had to evacuate their homes.

Hundreds of their friends and neighbors lost their homes. Since then, frequent and long power outages have hurt us even more. Despite all this, PG&E has been more concerned with bonuses for their executives and profits to shareholders than it has been with safety and efficiency. PG&E has paid millions of dollars to politicians in both parties, and almost all California legislators have taken PG&E money. Sadly, this has continued even after the disastrous Carr & Camp Fires. It’s time for a change. Reliable and cost-effective energy is essential for our quality of life. We need small utility companies that are held responsible for safety and security, and are watched by local stakeholders. We also need to promote proper forest management to reduce dry fuel, help us fight wildfires, and save lives. For this to happen, we need a representative with the willpower to make a stand and return control of forests and energy back into our local hands.


Ending Homelessness

California is facing a homelessness crisis and a shamefully high percentage of our homeless are veterans. After 15 long years of war, these heroes have served our country, then returned home and need our help.

We’ll fight for more permanent supportive housing units for homeless veterans and their families, we’ll demand that the Federal Government and Veterans Administration prioritize getting our heroes the medical benefits and care they deserve. We will support our local communities in California to increase access to mental health services and supportive rehabilitation centers for substance abuse victims.

We must increase the housing supply by reducing the red tape and streamlining the building code and zoning regulations currently standing in our way. Northern California has bountiful land which we must free from extreme regulations. We also need modern solutions to transportation and we need to build new roads to connect our growing communities.


Bringing Jobs and Economic Opportunity Back to Northern California

Having started many businesses and created many jobs, Dr. Dhanuka understands the need for wealth creation. The secret is in sensible, but limited, legislations and regulations. These will protect workers and consumers while allowing freedom for innovation and ingenuity. This freedom allows for the creation of employment opportunities and promotes the responsible use of our abundant natural resources. To create an environment for entrepreneurship, we need to train a modern workforce, making education a top priority. Dr. Dhanuka wants to increase job training, trade schools, and higher education programs in our area, including bringing a UC campus to the Northstate. This will provide a strong foundation for our children and attract hard-working people and wealth from across the country.


Reducing Our Tax Burden

Excessively high taxes and regulations are killing the creativity and innovation that made California one of the best places in the country to live.

If we can reduce the weight of taxes and regulations, people will be free to use their ingenuity and creativity to build an economy that works for all of us.


Reducing High Healthcare Costs and Lack of Access to Healthcare

Right now, our families struggle to find doctors and to afford healthcare and medications. As a physician leader, elected to serve as Chief of Medical Staff at two regional hospitals, Dr. Dhanuka has the expertise and proven leadership we need to address these issues. He knows that requiring cost transparency for medications and healthcare services will fuel free and healthy competition. We need to increase the supply of doctors and other healthcare providers by building a satellite for UC Davis Medical school and specialist training. Dr. Dhanuka, a voluntary professor at UC Davis, is already in talks with their administration to make that happen. Additionally, he recommends identifying and promoting incentives to attract physicians and other healthcare providers to Northern California, where there is a current shortage of quality, easily-accessible healthcare.


Safety & Security

We need to increase our commitment to community safety and security. Our local police and fire departments are undermanned and our jails have run out of space. Sacramento needs to make public safety a priority and help us reinvest in keeping communities safe throughout the Northstate.