Hundreds of their friends and neighbors lost their homes. Since then, frequent and long power outages have hurt us even more. Despite all this, PG&E has been more concerned with bonuses for their executives and profits to shareholders than it has been with safety and efficiency. PG&E has paid millions of dollars to politicians in both parties, and almost all California legislators have taken PG&E money. Sadly, this has continued even after the disastrous Carr & Camp Fires. It’s time for a change. Reliable and cost-effective energy is essential for our quality of life. We need small utility companies that are held responsible for safety and security, and are watched by local stakeholders. We also need to promote proper forest management to reduce dry fuel, help us fight wildfires, and save lives. For this to happen, we need a representative with the willpower to make a stand and return control of forests and energy back into our local hands.